Melatrol is a natural nighttime sleep aid used to combat insomnia. The core ingredients support increased levels of sleep-inducing melanin that are normally produced in sufficient abundance within the pineal gland. People who suffer from insomnia don’t have enough of this calming chemical and twist and turn their way through countless sleepness nights. It is safe to use and restores good sleeping habits when used consistently.

This sleep aid uses only natural ingredients in a balanced formula that gently restores sleep patterns. It acts naturally and does not interfere with REM cycles. Since it is necessary to pass through all of the sleep stages to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the adventures of a new day, it makes sense to use a product that gently allows your body to resume normal sleep patterns.


Why Does Melatrol Work?

It works because it combines a variety of natural ingredients in a formula designed for maximum effect. In this case, the sum of the ingredients provides a boost to maximize the effect of the individual products. They work together to counter the effects of stress and dietary limitations.

Each tablet contains a small amount of melanin to boost your body’s supply. Melanin is a hormone that occurs throughout nature. When increased concentrations of it circulate through the blood stream, it naturally causes symptoms of drowsiness. It is very effective so only a small dose is needed for the desired effect.

MelatrolThe natural sleep aid known as Valerian root is combined with melanin to induce sleep. The herb has been used for centuries as a natural remedy and is safe and effective. It works by gently increasing the amount of the neurotransmitter called GABA within the blood stream. It acts directly on receptors located within cells to induce sleepiness. A small amount of GABA is also included within the formula.

Most people will be unfamiliar with 5-HTP. It is actually extracted from the seed of the Griffonia tree commonly found in Africa. This chemical is a precursor to the calming hormone serotonin. By increasing the amount of 5-HTP within the system, the natural feedback cycles within the body are able to synthesize extra serotonin to relax the body in order to decrease the anxiety levels that prevent normal sleep from occurring.

Extract from Rhodiola Rosea (goldenroot) has been linked to lowered levels of depression and successfully used to alleviate anxiety. Scientific studies have found that it significantly reduces fatigue although they are unsure of the mechanism used. Small doses affect the release of norepinephrine from the pineal gland. This hormone acts on the smooth muscles of the internal organs and reduced concentration have been found to lower the heart rate.

The final ingredient is Passion Flower extract. Known for centuries as the Sweet Dream flower, it supports the natural sleep cycles and enhances the dreaming so necessary for health. It is gentle and safe.

Common Sleep Disorders

Insomnia is the most common cause of sleep disturbance. In many cases, it is temporary due to stress or other disturbances in daily life. However, long-term insomnia may be a symptom of an underlying medical problem. When insomnia persists, the body’s natural circadian rhythm is disrupted which makes the cycle more difficult to break.

Everyone needs sleep. The short term effects of lack of sleep are drowsiness and an inability to concentrate on critical details. Medical science links regular bouts of sleeplessness to obesity, high blood pressure, and heightened risk of stroke. In addition, chronic sleep problems are directly linked to increased rates of serious automobile accidents and other injuries.

During the sleep cycle, people with sleep apnea experience disruptions in breathing. Episodes can be triggered by either a physical obstruction or can be due to a chemical imbalance within the brain. Most people with sleep apnea snore and often wake up short of breath. During the day, they report being tired and unable to focus attention their attention on the task at hand

Why use Melatrol?

Melatrol is the end result of millenia of experimentation by natural healers. The combination of ingredients works well together and gently ends the cycle of insomnia. If you suffer from sleeplessness, consider adding a daily dose before you head for bed to wake up refreshed and ready to go in the morning.

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